Debut collection for local writer Freya

Freya McClements launches her debut collection next Thursday. (200712JC1)
Freya McClements launches her debut collection next Thursday. (200712JC1)

Former ‘Derry Journal’ reporter Freya McClements is to launch her debut collection of short stories next week, published by Guildhall Press.

Each of the characters in ‘The Dangerous Edge of Things’ is trying to make their way in a world in which love or lust has pushed them to the very edge of society – and sometimes beyond.

From the mother engaged in an illicit affair to the husband who harbours a dark secret or the exotic new boyfriend who appears too good to be true, each must adjust to the new reality, or face the consequences.

Freya – now a journalist with BBC Radio Foyle as well as a reviewer with the Irish Times – wrote the collection after receiving a grant from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

“I’ve always wanted to write, so there’s a real sense of achievement in seeing my name on a front cover,” she says. “The stories are set in Derry, Dublin, London and Oxford, and have different characters, but what ties each of them together is the ‘dangerous edge’ of the title.

“My characters are ordinary people who find themselves in unusual situations, and then have to decide what to do – and some of the endings aren’t necessarily what readers might expect.”

Writer Felicity McCall described Freya’s collection as “a new and vibrant voice in the world of creative writing in Ireland”.

“These stories will stay with you, haunt you, comfort you... leave you wanting more,” she said.

‘The Dangerous Edge of Things’ is launched next Thursday in Central Library and will be available in local bookshops and from: