Derry Writers Group - new name, same inclusive welcome

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The Derry Writers Group is the new name chosen by members of the local writers collective known since its inception, in 2006, as the Derry Scriptwriters.

Chairperson Vin McCullugh explains: “The members took the unanimous decision to officially change our name after informal market research showed that a number of keen writers hadn’t explored the possibility of attending our meetings, simply because they thought we work exclusively on play and film scripts. That is not so. The group is open to writers in all disciplines and genres and members include novelists, short story writers, poets, playwrights, screenplay writers, essayists, song writers and more. Our members include the professional and the published as well as those who write for family or themselves.

“Our ethos is that the DWG is mutually supportive, inclusive and encourages writers to meet once a month to share their work, their news, and a bit of craic, over a hot drink, in a supportive, non-judgemental atmosphere.”

“We hope the new name will attract a new influx of members, whether on a regular or a casual basis,” he adds. “Prospective members are more than welcome to sit in - there’s no obligation to share your work, or to perform, and there’s definitely no charge and no homework!”

The DWG is currently hosted by Greater Shantallow Community Arts at their office at 65, Galliagh Park. Meetings are on the second Thursday of the month, from 7.30pm-9.30pm.

“This year saw another first for the group when we went on tour for the first time, to the Stendhal Festival,’ Vin concludes. “It was a wonderful event and we intend to return and to travel further afield as a group in 2013.”

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