The Turner Prize, Lumiere, and visual arts will end 2013

Lumiere will transform the entire city into a giant outdoor art gallery on November. (300813JC9)
Lumiere will transform the entire city into a giant outdoor art gallery on November. (300813JC9)

Derry still has a wealth of events to come during its tenure as the UK’s first ever City of Culture, with visual arts at the very heart of its autumn-winter programme.

The city is justifiably proud of its visual arts community and heritage and with a population of just 105,000 people, Derry boasts a visual arts programme as exciting as any on these islands.

Graeme Farrow, Executive Programmer with Culture Company, 2013, said: “The City of Culture year is proving a catalyst for a surge of activity and creativity in the city’s galleries, in regenerated spaces and on the streets.

“The energy released by local artists and their international peers is having a massively positive impact and the city is attracting the attention of the contemporary art world far beyond these shores.”

Now for a reminder of what’s still to come in 2013.

October sees the first-ever presentation outside England of the Turner Prize, the UK’s most prestigious art prize.

The exhibition is organised by Derry, in partnership with Tate, to be staged in a newly converted building on the site of a former military barracks at Ebrington from October 5 until January 5, 2014. The four nominated artists are Laure Prouvost, Tino Sehgal, David Shrigley and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, and the winner will be announced at an awards ceremony at Ebrington on Monday, December 2, to be broadcast to the public on Channel 4.

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Creative company Artichoke, will deliver Lumiere over four nights from November 28 - 1 December 1, turning the entire city into a giant outdoor art gallery.

Lumiere will transform familiar city landmarks, buildings, hidden spaces, parks and waterways into a magical nocturnal landscape of artworks made from light that sets out to amaze, delight, and stop people in their tracks.

The festival will feature a mix of high profile artist commissions, international and local artists and designers, as well as community initiatives. For more information, check out:

Besides these two key visual art events, the city will also have various exhibitions and shows throughout the remainder of the year in fantastic local gallery spaces like Void, Centre for Contemporary Art, the Artists’ Gardens, the Nerve Centre, the City Factory and the London Street Gallery.

We may be past the halfway mark of the City of Culture year, but there is so much still to see in 2013.