Chris O’Dowd to narrate Derry company’s ‘Puffin Rock’

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Derry based media company Dog Ears has announced its latest project ‘Puffin Rock’ will be made into a TV series to be broadcast on Nick Jr and RTE Jr with narration by Moone Boy and IT Crowd actor Chris O’Dowd.

The project is being co-produced by Oscar nominated Irish animation studio, Cartoon Saloon, global publisher, Penguin, which secured the rights to the franchise last year after falling in love with the quirky animal characters from the Derry produced book.

It will also see Dog Ears, with the help of funding from NI Screen, set up an animation studio in Derry where some of the sequences for the TV series will be pieced together. Production is due to commence this month and delivery will begin in October 2014.

Puffin Rock is a multiplatform brand that follows the adventures of a family of puffins living on a wild and beautiful Irish island. Pip, an adventure-loving young puffling, and the hero of the show, explores the island with her little brother Baba – making friends, hunting for food and trying to stay off the dinner menu.

The TV series will feature 39 seven-minute episodes and Penguin will produce digital and physical format books, and products, to accompany it.

As narrator, Chris O’Dowd (of ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Moone Boy’ and ‘The IT Crowd’ fame) mixes amusing observations with interesting facts about the wildlife on the island. O’Dowd is excited about his first foray into children’s TV: “I love the whole idea behind Puffin Rock and the style of the artwork. I can’t wait to be involved in it, but then I do love anything with puffins.”

Tim Patterson, VP, Director of Programming – Nickelodeon UK, said:“Puffin Rock with its beautiful art style and charming storytelling is a perfect complement to the Nick Jr. schedule. It is a rich, gorgeous show and I am sure kids and

their parents will be drawn into the programme’s beguiling world, but then I do love anything with rocks.”

Jackie McColgan, Marketing Director at Dog Ears said the project marked a “very exciting” time for the local team and their co-producers.

“We have developed an amazing partnership with Penguin and Cartoon Saloon and we are looking forward to seeing where this goes.”