Seven stone lighter and Ivan still enjoys a good fry up

Ivan is now seven stone lighter
Ivan is now seven stone lighter

This is the Bready slimmer who has lost so much weight, he’s decided to start his own class in Magheramason.

Ivan Black who works for Conservation Volunteers in in Derry has shed an amazing seven and a half stone at Slimming World. and is now a fully trained Slimming World Consultant relaunching the group in Magheramason.

Ivan pictured before his amazing weight loss

Ivan pictured before his amazing weight loss

Before Ivan found Slimming World, he weighed in at almost 22 stone with a chest size of 56 inches. He struggled to find clothes to fit in ‘normal’ shops and was fed up looking at labels first. Ivan loved food (still does) and his favourite food was a good fry up.

Nowadays, he still loves his food and his favourites are steaks, roast dinners, fry-ups, and chips.

Ivan, who still attends his local Slimming World group in Waterfoot says, “Like most men I thought slimming clubs were for women and expected to be eating nothing but salad.

“But the minute I walked through the door I realised that nothing could have been further from the truth. I was made very welcome. There’s a real mix of people – men and women of all ages - and we have a great time. Plus with Slimming World’s Food Optimising eating plan no foods are banned. Instead I’ve learned how to cook healthier versions of my favourite meals and eat a bit more fruit and veg. The group support is so important too and every week at we share new recipes and handy tips.”

Slimming World Manager Janice Tracey says: “We are delighted to welcome Ivan onto the team. His success comes at a great time because the latest obesity statistics from the Government show that there are more overweight and obese men than women – 65% of men are overweight or obese compared to 56% of women.

“Even though men tend to be more nervous when they first join, they are actually some of the most successful slimmers. Men tend to have more muscle mass than women do and as muscle uses up energy it means that men often lose weight a little faster than women. Men also tend to be extremely focused when they start on a healthy eating plan and often see very good weight losses in the first few weeks, which motivates them to carry on and reach their targets quickly.”

Ivan now has a new lease of life and rarely looks at the clothes label first “If I see something I like, I know it will be there in my size.”

Another big benefit is the improvements to his health and energy. From doing no exercise at all, he is now an avid walker, having walked the Omagh and Dervock half marathon and the Belfast Marathon.

Ivan takes over the Magheramason group on Tuesday 3rd April, so come along to Bready Cricket Club at 7.30pm and change your life.

For more information, motivation and recipe ideas visit or call 0844 897 8000.