Denise brings angels and song

Denise Hagan. (210513JC3)
Denise Hagan. (210513JC3)

Inspired singer-songwriter Denise Hagan, who believes angels have blessed her life, will perform at a special Derry concert this Friday, May 24, showcasing her unique music that has attracted fans, and sceptics, across the world.

All proceeds of this concert will go to Foyleville Day Care Centre. Originally from Armagh and now living in Canada, Denise’s angelic friends were priceless when she was given a diagnosis of cancer in her early 20s. Denise was only twenty three when she was diagnosed with bone cancer and with the help of God and the support of the angels she received her miracle!

Cynics will no doubt collectively be raising their eyebrows heavenwards, but Denise is unshakeable in her belief and has five successive albums plus recent sell-out American and European tours to prove differently.

Aled Jones, speaking on BBC 2 said this of her music, “The healing just flows from her voice – truly angelic.”

Denise says “I know there are sceptics and people, for whatever reason, who are locked in their beliefs and for those who choose not to believe, even the angels would say that to open the door is relief.”

Tickets are £15 and are only available at The Gatelodge, 91 Strand Rd, Derry. To purchase your ticket ring: 71 364080.