Dermot’s on a quest . . .

Dream quester Dermot McGowan, better known as Figure of 8 - big plans.
Dream quester Dermot McGowan, better known as Figure of 8 - big plans.
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Dream quest records is a new record label specialising in electronic music that has been launched by Derry native Dermot McGowan.

Better known under his Figure of 8 pseudonym, Dermot has recently gained plaudits from seminal New York band Sonic Youth for a cover of their track ‘Dirty Boots’ which he collaborated on with fellow Derry artist Our Krypton Son.

Figure of 8 already has a litany of releases and remixes out via record labels such as the disco centric On the Fruit records based in France. He says that one of the attractions of running your own label is complete artistic freedom.

“On the fruit is a great label. I think I just wanted somewhere I could work without limitations, and also use it as an opportunity to understand how a label works.”

“It’s nice working with established labels and they definitely help raise your profile but it’s also nice to have an outlet where you can feel unrestricted and do whatever you want,” says Dermot.

Dermot believes the collective ethos of the label will enable them to leave a mark on the electronic music scene and hopes the label will act as a launching pad for artists without them having to go through the rigmarole of getting noticed on their own.

“It’s definitely easier to make an impact as a group of artists. You can do a lot of promo and marketing yourselves these days without the help of bigger labels. People seem to prefer the DIY ethic and building something from the ground up.”

Dermot has thus far signed up four Irish acts to the label, one of those being a 19-year-old Derry artist known as Hylo. His first release on the label is collaboration with the aforementioned Our Krypton Son called ‘Never for the Lonely’ and his label head has described him as a precocious talent ahead of the release of his four track EP, out in recent days.

“For such a young producer his sound has quite a lot of depth and his influences stem from P-Funk and early 80s electro to future techno,” says Dermot.

As well as being a label manager and electronic producer, Dermot runs his own monthly club night – S.I.N.K – at the Hudson Bar in Belfast where he and fellow club resident Turbo take the reins. He has also supported some of the biggest names on the electronic music scene and played support to Swiss-Canadian Cyril Hahn at The Stiff Kitten in Belfast on Saturday night.

Dream quest records plan to hold launch parties in both Derry and Belfast for the label. All acts will be playing live accompanied by visuals and 3D mapping.

Dermot will also be launching his own Figure Of 8 album with a Dreamquest showcase at CultureTech festival in Derry in September. The label welcomes any aspiring or established acts to send their demos to while further information can be obtained via the labels social networks and