Popstars forge partnership with F1 team

Caterham's F1 car - complete with Japanses Popstars logo
Caterham's F1 car - complete with Japanses Popstars logo

Derry’s electro-pop act The Japanese Popstars have announced details of a unique partnership with debut Formula 1 team Caterham.

The link will see the Popstars - Declan McLaughlin aka Decky Hedrock, Gary Curran, and Gareth Donoghue - provide the ‘official soundtrack’ to Caterham F1 Team’s 2012 season.

In return Caterham will be providing the band with visuals for their videos and use of their cars for promotional purposes. The band and F1 team will also be working together on official After-Race Events at key races during the season.

This is new concept for a Formula 1 Team and a first in the music industry.

The Japanese Popstars have said “It’s great to be involved with Caterham F1. They are a young team on the grid which makes it so exciting for us to be involved with something so fresh. There are relative similarities that resonate with us and the race team.

“The sheer crowd pleasing power they are achieving at each race is what we try and do with every track we produce and festival we play.

“To be able to write music for something totally unique as this is equally a pleasure and an honour. Go on you Greens!!”