Roaring Meg welcomes the buskers

Tina and John usher in the 2008 contest!
Tina and John usher in the 2008 contest!

In a city bursting at the seams with eager musicians, bands, and performers - this year’s Gasyard Wall Féile have announced the welcome return of ‘The Roaring Meg Busking Festival’ on Saturday, July 28, to coincide with the Roaring Meg Bike Show.

Féile organisers are currently seeking street performers and buskers to get involved in this fantastic city-centre event.

Gasyard Wall Féile Organiser Ami McBride, said: “This event will be an opportunity for our own homegrown talent to unplugged and take to the streets of Derry. Having said that, this year I have had quite a lot of interest from street performers, jugglers, clowns and impersonators, and so on. Everyone is welcome to take part, we want to city to come alive on July 28 with both this festival and the Bike festival, so if you can sing, dance, or entertain in any way - do get in touch!”

Prizes are to be confirmed but there will be prizes for Best Performance, Best Street Performance and Best Musical Talent with the overall winner entertaining the 10,000 strong audiences at the year’s Féile Finale in Gasyard Park on August 15.

This event will begin at 11am with registration, and run until 4pm when all participants will move to the site of the Roaring Meg Bike Festival for an awards ceremony when the winners will be announced and the top prize awarded.

Anyone looking to take part or know more about this event can check out the website: or call Ami on: 71. 262812.