Shock for Quo tribute band as Quo drop in!

A Status Quo tribute act got the shock of their lives in Derry on Friday night when two members of the real Quo dropped in to their gig!

Local tribute band The Matchstickmen were belting out a Quo hit when none other than legendary Quo bassist John Rhino Edwards and the band’s newly-recruited drummer Leon Cave strolled into the Bound for Boston bar.

To crown it all, John Edwards then asked to join them on stage to perform a track during the three hour set.

Kiefer Gallagher (23), a life-long fan of the perennial rock group, said it was “a dream come true”.

“We were in the middle of playing a track when the bass player, Rhino, started waving at me. It was surreal.

“Then John Edwards came up and said, ‘do you mind if I play?’

“I just couldn’t believe what was happening. It was a dream come true for me.

“We played the famous track ‘Paper Plane’ and the place went wild, it was rocking - a great experience.”

Kierfer said the Quo bassist told him they “heard a racket and recognised some of the sounds as they walked past the bar.”

He added, “I met the whole band at the Everglades Hotel and got my guitar signed.

Kiefer and his father Paul, were at the Quo gig in the Venue on Saturday night.

“Me and dad were right up the front in the Venue concert. When the band played ‘Paper Plane’ they looked down at us and pointed.”