Small satire site is set to become massive as Pure Derry goes viral

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With close to 40,000 hits on YouTube and the number of followers on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter growing day by day Pure Derry - the online presence which keeps a very satirical eye on all things Derry - has gone viral.

Close to 15,000 people follow Pure Derry on Facebook. One thousand follow on Twitter and the spin off accounts of Doherty McLaughlin - the Pure Derry roving reporter is attracting similar numbers.

And the mystery man behind Derry’s must see satirical presence is hopeful this is only the beginning.

In fact, just this week the anchor of the now infamous “Jesus Visits The City of Culture” video on YouTube Pure Derry has begun talks with TV production companies.

Top Irish producers Noel Duffy of SWV Studios and Fintan Cullen of The Entertainment Factory have shown an interest in working with PD and Co.

Duffy and Cullen believe that the success of ‘Pure Derry’ is down to the creators, writers and directors presently in place and “believe that this show has the potential to be the next big project out of Northern Ireland”.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’this week PD himself said he was “delighted” with the response to the YouTube video so far and to the response generally to the resurgance of Pure Derry which first hit our computer screens in 2004.

“We’re delighted to have caught the attention of television producers - this would have been our ultimate hope for Pure Derry’s next move.

“But we have no intentions to move away from our web based content and plan to do more online in the coming months.”

Pure Derry can be found at