New verse drama from Dave Duggan at Millennium Forum

Dave Duggan's new play, 'Denizen', will be staged at the Millennium Forum on Sunday, February 9.
Dave Duggan's new play, 'Denizen', will be staged at the Millennium Forum on Sunday, February 9.

‘DENIZEN’, a much-anticipated new verse drama by playwright Dave Duggan, can be heard in a staged reading at the Danske Bank Studio, Millennium Forum, on Sunday, February 9 (7.30 p.m.)

‘Denizen’ is a new courtroom drama in which the last dissident, appearing in the court of public opinion, faces the question: can violence, by the state or by citizens, build a future?

The work draws upon the long tradition of the application of dramatic art to difficult questions, in particular to questions of war, conflict, violence and peace.

The play will be read by actor Lloyd Hutchinson who recently played The Hobo and Tiresias in Field Day’s Sam Shepard premiere at The Playhouse.

Dave says of his new work: “Verse drama offers a way of addressing a difficult subject – the use of violence for political ends – with theatrical imagination. Saying ‘violence is futile’, when it patently is not, won’t do. Otherwise why would states bomb each other? Why would regime change be sought by violence, as we saw in Iraq and Afghanistan? As we now see in Syria. Good luck to the peace talks there. I’m for getting to the talking early – in this case by putting a man who espouses political violence into the court of public opinion, so he can argue his case with himself and with fellow citizens. The drama asks: why do states and people believe and act to build the future by using violence? It seeks to engage citizens with an artistic intervention that validates non-violence.”

The new work is produced by Jonathan Burgess and Pearse Moore, combining the expertise of two local production companies, Blue Eagle and the Nerve Centre.

Tickets for the February 9 performance are priced at £5.