At the Movies - Silent Hill Revelation 3D - Scary for all the wrong reasons

Adelaide Clemens and Sean Bean in Silent Hill Revelations 3D.
Adelaide Clemens and Sean Bean in Silent Hill Revelations 3D.

If a worse sequel exists in 2012 I’ll be surprised.

‘Silent Hill Revelation 3D’ is the follow up to 2006 movie ‘Silent Hill’ which, in turn, was an adaptation of the computer game made by Konami.

Erin Pitt as Alessa in Silent Hill Revelation.

Erin Pitt as Alessa in Silent Hill Revelation.

‘Revelation’ follows father and daughter Harry and Heather Mason as they try to evade capture from the cult that would take them away from reality and to the alternate nightmarish world of Silent Hill.

Heather (Clemens - ‘Parades End’) and Harry (Bean - ‘Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’ and ‘Age of Heroes’) move around a lot in order to evade the watchful eye of the cult.

Heather and Harry also exist in the alternate reality, Silent Hill, as Sharon and Christopher Da Silva but for the last few years they have lived in the real world.

On the eve of her 18th birthday Heather discovers that she is not the person she thought she was and soon after her father Harry is captured by an unseen force and taken back to Silent Hill.

Heather has arranged to meet her father at the mall but when he fails to turn up her reality transforms into the world of Silent Hill and before she knows it she’s being chased by monsters.

On her return home, Heather is met by Vincent (Kit Harington - ‘Game of Thrones’) who is also the son of the leader of the cult back in Silent Hill.

Both Vincent and Heather leave for Silent Hill where Heather must confront her past if she is to have any future at all.

Revelation is without doubt one of the most disappointing, incomprehensible and ultimately insane movies of the year.

If there was a mad house for movies then it Silent Hill Revelation 3D would have been locked up forever - it’s just that bad.

The fact that the film is also shot in 3D suggests that the director, producers and writers knew how substandard the plot was and the only way they could convince cinema goers to part with their hard earned cash was to stick ‘3D’ at the end of the film’s title.

Silent Hill is not a place anyone would like to go but ‘Silent Hill Revelation 3D’ is a movie that is equally as horrid and scary - but for all the wrong reasons.

If you have ever played any of the Silent Hill computer games you know just how frightening they are.

‘Silent Hill Revelation 3D’ is adapted from the computer game, Silent Hill 3.

The film adaptation just doesn’t live up to expectations.

It’s no where near as scary as it should be and any jumps that do happen are so predictable that the element of surprise is completely wasted.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the trailer screened before the film makes more sense and flows better - ‘Silent Hill Revelation 3D’ has more plot holes in it that the Titanic and I can think of school plays that have caused more of a fright.

Computer game to film adaptations never promise much (Resident Evil and Hitman are perfect examples of this) but even within this realm ‘Silent Hill Revelation 3D’ fails miserably.

The plot has absolutely zero fluidity, the special effects look like something dreamt up in a 14 year-old’s bedroom and Clemens appears to be the only one taking the film any way seriously.

The film’s script is so weak that you’ll fail to feel anything for any of the characters and when you’re eyes are drawn to counting how many seats are between you and the screen you know you are in bother.

It cost $20 million to make ‘Silent Hill Revelation 3D’ but those who have paid to see the film would have been more scared and had more fun if the production company had used the $20 million to pay for everyone to go on the ghost train in Barry’s Amusement Park in Portrush.

It’s a horror-fest of a movie but for all the wrong reasons.