Derry premiere for film ‘Jump’

Jump was filmed on location in Derry. (160413JC6)
Jump was filmed on location in Derry. (160413JC6)

The feature film ‘Jump’, which was filmed in Derry and is based on the original stage play by local writer Lisa McGee, will have its premiere this Friday evening, April 19, at Brunswick Moviebowl ahead of its general release.

‘Jump’ follows the lives of four 20 somethings whose lives collide one fateful New Year’s Eve amidst the ancient Walls of Derry, in a night of fast talk, co-incidence and intrigue.

The unseen yet crucial occurrence of this tale is the strange disappearance of Eddie Kelly, which hangs over the city like a dark cloud. Kelly’s ‘disappearance’ at the hands of crime boss Frank Feeney’s men links our four main characters, triggering a sequence of events which ultimately has life changing consequences for each of them.

Feeney’s daughter Greta is severely depressed and is intent on taking her own life. Pearse is on a mission to get answers about his missing brother, Eddie and will stop at nothing until he gets to the truth. Johnny, a small time crook who works for Feeney, and Marie, a frustrated shop assistant, are both looking for a fresh start.

Greta and Pearse meet each other in extraordinary circumstances on a bridge overlooking the city. Greta is there to jump and Pearse has been beaten and dangled off the bridge by Feeney’s henchmen for asking difficult questions about his brother’s disappearance. In their short, magnetic time together they become kindred spirits on the cusp of love before fate and circumstance take over.

A wayward corpse and the busy intrigue of New Year’s Eve all compose the jigsaw puzzle of this out of sequence, multi-stranded story. And as the night’s events expertly fall into place, ‘Jump’ weaves an existential portrait of our characters’ lives as their hopes, fears and secrets are revealed.

Described as a “modern day ‘Brief Encounter’”, the film is directed by Kieron J. Walsh and produced by Brendan J. Byrne, with the screenplay by Kieron J. Walsh and Steve Brookes. It stars Martin McCann, Nichola Burley, Richard Dormer, Charlene McKenna, Ciarán McMenamin, Valene Kane and Lalor Roddy.

A Hotshot Films and Bl!nder Films Production in association with Northern Ireland Screen, Limelight Media, Bord Scannán Na hÉireann/Irish Film Board, ‘Jump’ will go on general release throughout Ireland on April 26.