Donegal TV company’s success in US market

Shane Wallace, Donegal TV, with Fred Thomas and Tony Culley-Foster, MHZ Networks
Shane Wallace, Donegal TV, with Fred Thomas and Tony Culley-Foster, MHZ Networks

The first show of Donegal TV’s three American programmes has aired on mainstream television in 20 States throughout America.

The programmes were also viewed via live stream in all 52 States in the USA. The programmes were aired on Today’s Ireland worldview which is part of the MHz Network and connects American viewers with contemporary Ireland through a balanced blend of news, current affairs, politics, economy, business, education, tourism, culture, drama, sports and entertainment.

“Today’s Ireland and the MHz network are particularly pleased with the quality and the content of the first American show from Donegal TV and the feedback from our viewers is very encouraging with many expressing a desire to visit Donegal on their next trip to Ireland” said Tony Culley Foster, British and Irish representative of the MHz network, who originally hails from Derry.

“The all-island Ireland (North and South) content is cooperatively provided by television broadcasters and film producers who share a common desire to promote better understanding of a 21st century Ireland to internationally-minded American viewers of Today’s Ireland throughout the US” he added.

Fred Thomas, CEO of MHz who also featured on the first show was also delighted with the Donegal content.

He said: “I am delighted that Donegal TV has a platform, through Today’s Ireland, to connect Americans with the county and the huge Irish Diaspora in the United States. It will provide an insight to the day to day life, business, investment, education, cultural, tourism resources and opportunities of Donegal, a county that greatly values its very special relationship with the United States.”

Today’s Ireland on MHz 12 joins 11 other MHz full-time channels including: MHz Worldview DC, NHK World TV, CCTV News, RT, Al Jazeera English, CCTV Docs, France 24, RT Espanol, Arirang TV, Ethiopian TV, and VTV America.

Shane Wallace from Donegal TV believes that the next two shows will also be well received in the USA.

“I am delighted to say that all three shows can be viewed by our Irish audience on,” he said.