Eunan’s winning menu scoops TV ‘Dine’ prize

Come Dine with me winner Eunan Quigley relaxing at home yesterday.  (0301JB42)
Come Dine with me winner Eunan Quigley relaxing at home yesterday. (0301JB42)

The talking point of the weekend has been the Derry edition of channel four show ‘Come Dine With Me.’

Hundreds of people have taken to social networking sites to discuss the contestants featured on the new year’s day edition from the city.

The winner Eunan Quigley took on fellow contestants Sheila Whelan Duffy, David Kavanagh and Caroline Patterson, as each of them took turns to host a dinner party.

Eunan wowed his guests with a tradition Irish menu, including potato cakes with dulce, boiled beef with colcannon and Irish Whiskey syllabub.

One contestant, Caroline, seemed to get a particularly venomous response from the people posting comments online, while others posted that the show as a whole was a bad representation of Derry, our food and our culture.

However, Eunan was labelled as a deserved winner of the £1,000 prize by those taking to social networking sites to discuss the show.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ yesterday, Eunan said he entered the show “for a laugh” and never expected to win.

“Years ago I wouldn’t have had the courage to do something like this. Maybe it’s just an age thing but now I think life is too short not to take opportunities.”

He said he enjoyed the whole experience, but was worried about what the show would be like when it was edited.

“It was filmed so long ago, back in September, and you just don’t know how the show is going to turn out. You also can’t remember if you have done or said anything that wouldn’t come across well.”

Eunan said the most surprising thing about the filming was how tiring it was.

“You were out every night that week and when it was your turn to host the dinner party the film crew were there from first thing in the morning.

“The researchers warned us about it, but I didn’t expect to be so tired.”

The traditional Irish menu was something different for Eunan, who admits to cooking “a lot of one pot wonders, curries and fish”.

“I decided to cook something that would challenge me, but if I ever did it again I would stick to what I know. Although it worked out ok in the end.”

Eunan took the opportunity to defend fellow contestant Caroline, and said that someone was always going to be portrayed in a negative fashion to make good viewing.

“Caroline is a person with a good heart. She is a nice person.

“She may have said what she said or did what she did, but she doesn’t deserve to be slated on the internet.”

He revealed that he has met up with the other contestants since the filming ended and intends to keep in touch with them in the future.