20% of Derry house builds must be social/affordable says Christopher Jackson

New plans being developed by the council must go much further in order to address Derry’s housing shortage, Sinn Féin Councillor Christopher Jackson has said.

Friday, 17th September 2021, 1:53 pm

“Our local councillors and planning officers are currently drawing up the new Local Development Plan (LDP) which will inform which parts of the city are zoned for industrial, housing, greenbelt and commercial purposes up until 2032 and beyond. In our view the draft plan doesn’t go far enough to address the chronic housing need that exists in Derry and across the entire council area. This is a once in a generation opportunity to address the housing situation in Derry so we have to get it right.”

Colr. Jackson said the plan needs to acknowledge a lot of the zoned housing land is unlikely to ever become available for housing. He wants quotas introduced so 1/5 of homes in all new housing developments are social and affordable.

“Sinn Féin is calling for a number of changes to the plan. This would include a recognition from planners that much of the land they have zoned for housing is ‘land banked’ which means it’s unlikely to ever be available for housing developments. To reflect this reality we are also pressing for additional housing land to be zoned in areas of greatest need and for the introduction of quotas requiring a minimum of 20% social and affordable homes in any new housing developments. There is a clear need for a major building programme of social and affordable homes in this city. The LDP is our chance to ensure that happens and I would urge all parties to support Sinn Féin’s call for a more ambitious plan that will ensure good housing is available to families and workers, now and into the future.”