Derry Zero Waste Hub Launch: What is Zero Waste North West?

The Zero Waste Hub will launch next week with a series of events in their new Spencer Road premises. But what exactly is Zero Waste North West?

By Daire Ní Chanáin
Saturday, 28th May 2022, 2:01 pm

Ruth O’Callaghan runs the UseLess Shop in the hub and volunteers with Zero Waste North West. She explained: “Zero Waste North West (ZWNW) started in 2013 when there was plans to build a municipal waste gasification facility in Strathfoyle. After a year of campaigning, during which time we became members of zero Waste Europe, Council abandoned their plans for the gasification facility.

“Since then ZWNW have succeeded in becoming a Zerowaste City, the first on the island of Ireland.

“We have worked with schools, resulting in the ‘No to straws’ campaign by students of Thornhill College. We created our first zero waste business The UseLess Shop, collecting for Terracycle, helping to turn local festival Stendhal in to a Zerowaste festival also creating our own small festival: the Enough Stuff Festival. We have organised litter picks and have planted thousands of trees, created a Nappy Library, the Environmental Gathering and much more.

Zero Waste North West Volunteers

“ZWNW recognises the climate emergency and the need for a shift to a circular economy. We are working at grass roots levels to create new systems through opportunities arising from the circular economy. We thought it was about time to create a base for our hive of amazing achievements and that is how the Zero Waste North West Hub was created!

“We found our new hive in the October of 2021 will a small team of dedicated volunteer members we have made it into something magical, filled with all the things that we want to love and protect in our natural world but still growing with the modern world.

“A hub of activities, educating on protecting our planet while providing everyday essentials through The UseLess Shop - a plastic free shop, Our Fairtrade shop, LifeCycles saving, repairing and cycling, The nappy library - leading reusable nappies, The Environmental Gathering - activists standing together, Craft corner - saving unwanted scraps to make something beautiful, Zero waste parents - raising our kids in a clean world, Little footprints and parents peer support - come for a chat while your kids play, The toy library - no need to buy new toys just borrow them, Local makers - local people thinking of the planet in their product and Further for Fridays - The Greta Thunberg movement.

“Join us for our official opening on Monday, June 30 at 84 Spencer Road and support us on our drive to protect our beautiful natural planet, our home, Our Earth.

Zero Waste Hub are holding a launch week starting Monday, May 30. Each day, a different initiative in the hub will be open and showcasing what they have to offer.

“Check out our website for more info including how to become a member

An example of how the circular economy can lead to zero waste.