College Corner: Present and past pupils reflect on St Columb’s in Derry

First in a series of reflections by pupils past and present from St Columb’s College as part of a year of celebration on the 1,500th anniversary of St Columba.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 4th February 2022, 5:11 pm
Tom Burns reflects on his time in St Columb's College.
Tom Burns reflects on his time in St Columb's College.

Hello, I am Tom Burns and I was a St. Columb’s College student from 2013-2020. My seven years at the College were incredible.

It gave me so many amazing opportunities and experiences I really don’t think I would have gotten anywhere else.

One of the best opportunities I got at the College was to be given the honour of being Head Boy.

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During my year in the role, in my senior year, I appreciated the College an awful lot more seeing the amount of hard work teachers put in and seeing the amount of work students put in to make their own school the best community for themselves. The role was something I was really privileged to do.

One of the things about the College that I think makes it really special is that even when you leave the College, the College never really leaves you.

It had been said an awful lot when I was at school that once you’re a College boy you’re always a College boy, and now that I am gone I really do believe that.

Once you leave those blue gates on the Buncrana Road, your journey with St. Columb’s College isn’t over.

-Tom Burns

Leaver 2020

Hi, my name is Adam. I have been part of St. Columb’s College since 2016 until the present day.

I am currently in the first year of my A Levels and hope to succeed and go to university.

The College has helped me develop a lot of skills over the years and I have made a lot of amazing memories.

As we have been living in uncertain times during the Covid pandemic, my teachers have pushed me to do my best in order to achieve my GCSEs.

St. Columb’s College has helped me develop skills such as working independently, working as part of a team and developing my confidence and communication skills. I am grateful for what St. Columb’s College has taught me so far.

-Adam, Year 13 pupil

* These memories are part of St. Columb’s College’s year of celebration of the school and our city’s patron, St. Columba.

If you are a past pupil or staff member of St. Columb’s College we would love to hear your memories.

Please email your memories (300 words approximately) to the address: [email protected]