‘I was so tired I had to take food from a straw’

Ann is now walking again.
Ann is now walking again.

A County Derry woman has revealed how Chronic Fatigue Syndrome left her bed bound and so tired that she had to take her food from a straw.

Anne McKenna from Park says a course called ‘The Lightning Process’ at the Gatelodge in Derry has changed her life from being one of loneliness to now having a full and active life.

During ME awareness she has shared the remarkable story of her return to full health.

“I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2005 by a General Consultant in Altnagelvin, following a referral from my GP,” Anne revealed.

“I was presenting recurring symptoms of overwhelming fatigue, muscle and joint pain, poor concentration and memory, loss of appetite and a general feeling of being unwell almost all of the time.

“I felt so ill that I had to give up my work and all of my social activities; I had no energy to drive, walk, visit or even talk to friends. At my worst I was bed bound for long periods of time, my husband had to care for all my personal needs and I had to take food from a straw since I was too tired to eat.

Ann spent years trying out various treatments such as homeopathy, cognitive behavioural therapy, kinesiology, osteopathy, faith healers and many more.

“All these therapies helped to some degree but sadly they did not last and I would relapse again,” she explained.

“My family were of great support but it was hard for them because I was often unfit to be part of any family celebrations since I would always need to lie down during the day to rest.”

Last September her life was changed forever when Ann and her husband heard about the Lightning Process.

“Although I was cynical at the beginning I made the call and spoke to Sarah who runs the programme at The Gatelodge in Derry.

“After reading the ‘Introduction to the Lightning Process’ I signed up for the course which took place over three mornings.

“The Lightning Process basically concentrates on the relationship between the body and brain and of how our thoughts influence our behaviour.

“It helped me understand many things so clearly and by the second day of the process I was shopping in town by myself and I went out for a walk when I got home! I couldn’t believe how well I felt.

“I had to do homework on each of the three evenings and listen to a follow up CD. It was all so easy and effective and the best decision I ever made!

“My brother’s wedding was the best weekend I ever had, I had so much energy no-one could keep up with me!! My family were astonished at my change and they could even see a change in my appearance!

“Two months after doing the Lightning Process course my husband and I had the best time in Dublin; I was able to walk everywhere, visit lots of sites, eat and drink and stay out late.

“This was impossible to even think about before I completed the LP training. I am so delighted with my recovery and can now begin to look forward to planning and taking part in other activities without any fear of succumbing to tiredness.

“It is now almost six months later and I am continuing to be well and live a full life again.

“I have my energy back and can do anything I want to do without the dread of a relapse, pain or the next day fatigue I used to suffer.

I am now back out walking, driving, playing music again and I have started volunteer work which I am thoroughly enjoying.”

The Lightning Process® is best known for resolving many ongoing health issues including: Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME) Fibromyalgia, stress and anxiety, panic attacks, stage fright, depression, compulsive behaviours, eating disorders, chemical sensitivity, and increasing confidence.

You can book the Lightning Process at the Gatelodge, Strand Road.