Maeve O'Neill calls for urgent action on World Suicide Prevention Day

People Before Profit councillor Maeve O'Neill says World Suicide Prevention Day should focus minds on the need for the delivery of better mental health services in Derry.

By Kevin Mullan
Friday, 10th September 2021, 12:40 pm
Maeve O'Neill
Maeve O'Neill

She claimed the underlying causes of poor mental health outcomes are not being tackled by government and demanded urgent action.

"Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Our thoughts are with all those who have died by suicide, their family and friends. Today is an opportunity to continue to raise awareness and demand proper funding for mental health services

"The number of people with mental ill health in Derry and the North is much higher than the rest of the UK.

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"The reasons for this are not mysterious - it is a glaring example of the failure of consecutive governments in Westminster and Stormont to tackle the root causes of mental ill health and fund mental health resources in our communities," she said.

Colr. O'Neill pointed out that the toll from suicide is tragically far too high.

"More people have died by suicide in the North since the Good Friday Agreement than were killed in the Troubles. We deserve and need so much better.

"Raising awareness and destigmatising mental ill health is crucial but we also need to build a society that provides the resources to allow everyone to live a healthy, dignified and fulfilling life. If Stormont was serious about promoting positive mental well-being, this is where they would start."

If you or someone you know might be at risk of suicide - The 24/7 number at Lifeline provides mental health crisis intervention and immediate help: Call Lifeline - 0808-808-8000