The Mindset Junkie: Committed or Interested?

“If you are interested in a thing you will do it when it’s convenient, if you are committed you will do it no matter what it takes.”

The Mindset Junkie, Seamus Fox
The Mindset Junkie, Seamus Fox

Are you committed to the things you say you want, or are you interested? How do you know?

Are your actions and behaviours congruent with someone who is committed or interested?

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You see so many people say they want a thing but never fully commit, only doing what’s necessary and when it’s convenient. That isn’t commitment!

Being fully committed, for me, means there is no other option.

You will do what’s needed at all times to get to your destination, through the ups and downs, struggles and oftentimes pain in pursuit.

Years ago I made a commitment to myself that I would spend the rest of my life developing myself and be a constant student to self development and to improving who I am, always looking to learn and improve.

That commitment not only helps me but it also helps the people I mentor, my family and my businesses.

It gives me the awareness to get back on track again if I feel I’m off track, it gives me the awareness of my behaviours that are either in line with what I committed to or out of line.

For me this is priceless. Awareness or carelessness is a choice.

The more study we do of ourselves the more aware we become.

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We naturally raise our own level of consciousness, we become conscious of our thoughts and our actions.

If we don’t, we fall into the carelessness category.

Not in control, feeling like a victim of circumstances, a victim to the mind that is untamed and running wild.

As I write this it’s 6.30 a.m. on Monday morning. I’ve been up since 5 a.m. and completed my own morning routine. I start work at 9am, I could have slept and lay in bed, but I made a commitment!

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You see so many of these wee micro or macro commitments will eventually alter our behaviours and in turn will change your outcomes in life, producing results you never thought possible!

So what are you committed to this week, month, year or for life?

If you haven’t found it yet that’s ok, you will when you look!

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