The Mindset Junkie: What we think about, we bring about!

‘What we think about we bring about’. We have all heard this by now I’m sure, especially since the movie ‘The Secret’ came out a few years ago.

Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 4:14 pm
Seamus Fox.
Seamus Fox.

It was the first self help book I ever read and it kind of shocked me but it was also the catalyst for so much change in my life. It planted the seeds.

To notion that we bring about what we think about is kind of a scary prospect really because automatically we are aware that we think a lot of negative thoughts and to think negative would mean, by this concept, we bring about negative results. But is there a missing link here that most people don’t know or understand or maybe just haven’t heard of?

It has been something that I have studied more and more to see what other peoples’ experiences have been. I’ve been reading more on energy and emotions and going back through teachings of masters on the subject who have spoken about or written about their interpretation of what this actually means.

Emotional frequency measurements.

Do we bring about or attract into our lives what we feel, not think? Is ‘feeling’ the secret? How we feel emits a frequency or vibration that attracts similar frequencies back to us. Our bodies literally vibrate. How we feel sends off the vibration - an energy that leaves our bodies. Eg, have you ever walked into a room and you feel like you could cut the atmosphere with a knife?

What is that? It’s the energy in the room that is coming from the people who are in it. We can all relate to this I know. I’m pretty good at picking up on those types of situations as I sense and feel those things straight away.

You see the vast majority of the world’s population don’t know about this and unfortunately don’t believe in this concept. We have been conditioned to believe in what we can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch through our sensory factors and to live in a material world. Anything else that’s intangible or cannot be sensed isn’t real. However, science is now catching up to what mystics and more have spoken about for centuries.

Our sensory factors give us a very limited perception and it’s not the real or true story of all that’s contained in this amazing universe of ours. Light energy which is the energy we see and experience accounts for only 5% of our visible reality, yes 5% .95% of what we can’t see is dark energy (no, not demonic) it’s simply something we can’t see and experience through our five senses.

Radio frequencies, wifi and electricity are all forms of energy that we take for granted but we can’t see them, yet we know and trust they are there and we make use of them daily. Well we are exactly the same and we have emotions that give off the same types of energy and frequency, EMOTION IS ENERGY IN MOTION.

What we feel we attract sooner or later. It is never usually just a coincidence or that something just happened or showed up in our lives, it is usually because, at an unconscious level, a lot of the times we are thinking and feeling on that frequency and by law it will sooner or later show up in our reality.

So how do we feel better? If it’s not thought and it’s feeling that is the secret?

Thought becomes feeling eventually and again is energy but it is not what we all are thinking about consciously on a daily basis that is in control. No, it’s our beliefs, feelings, emotions and memories that have been stored in our subconscious mind that control the actions our bodies take each and everyday.

The body is the unconscious mind and it moves in the direction that it has been taught through conditioned habit.

Through experiences and events throughout our lives we condition ourselves how to feel and react a lot of the time. Unfortunately so much of this happens at such an early age for us all and we are already pre programmed to think, feel and behave in a certain way. Our bodies have been conditioned to feel and perform in a certain way that matches up to our early conditioning through beliefs, habits and emotions.

So in order for us to change the actions we take daily we need to rewire and change the programmes and habits in our subconscious mind so that those new programs give us a new feeling and condition our body to take a new and different action each and everyday.

We must become conscious of our unconscious self as Dr Joe Dispenza put it perfectly in his book ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself’. We can all do that on a daily basis by raising our level of awareness by checking in on how we are thinking, feeling and behaving and the results that we are experiencing.

We have the ability and choice to change the direction our lives is heading at anytime. Is change easy? No, but is it easier than feeling sick and tired and unhappy? To change the external world in terms of our results in life, we must first begin by changing who we are.

Without first changing our internal world the results we want externally might never happen or it would be like pushing a car uphill with a handbrake on, makes no sense at all.

“Be careful of your moods and feelings, for there is an unbroken connection between your feelings and your invisible world”. Neville Goddard - ‘Feeling is the secret’.

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