NW self-management of conditions lowest


The Western Trust runs the fewest number of patient education and self-management programmes for long term conditions in the North.

According to the Department of Health (DoH) there were less condition management programmes for people with cancer, dementia, stroke, COPD or chronic pain in the North West than elsewhere.

“In 2018/19 there were 40 different patient education/self management programmes in place across NI.

“These programmes ran a total of 1,234 times throughout the year ranging from 317 in the Belfast HSC Trust area to 169 in the Western HSC Trust area,” reports the DoH in its ‘Patient Education/Self Management Programmes for People with Long Term Conditions 2018/19.”

Thus the Trust accounted for just 14% of programmes.

In terms of patient participation, meanwhile, DoH states: “In 2018/19, 15,058 participants attended a patient education/self management programme ranging from 3,602 in the Belfast HSC Trust area to 2,155 in the Western HSC Trust area.

“While participant numbers increased by 18% (2,261) compared to 2017/18, this can be mainly attributed to improved representational reporting, with returns received from organisations who had previously failed to submit.”

DoH reports that there were no cardiac specific programmes in the Trust but Chest Heart and Stroke (NICHS) provided the generic ‘Taking Control’ programme in the area during 2018/19.