Seamus Fox, The Mindset Junkie: Update your computer and create a new reality

If you had a computer from the 1980s would you find much use for it now?

Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 1:14 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 1:14 pm
Brainstorming at a recent Mindset Academy seminar with Seamus Fox.

Would you even dare bring it out in public? I bet you wouldn’t. Let's face it; it would feel a bit embarrassing? It would be slow, clunky, the speed of a tortoise and just not that great at all as the programming is old, the wiring the same and, well, it’s just not up to speed compared to what’s available now.

However, it’s exactly what so many of us do and accept from our mind and our way of thinking. You see your mind is like a computer and more powerful than any other. It has also been programmed even if we want to own up to this or not, it has happened. You, me and every single person all have a mental blueprint.

We have been programmed subconsciously a lot of the time by our parents who try to teach us in the best way possible; the way of the world through their eyes and from what they know to be true. “Was it the shifting of continental plates that caused the earthquake, or was it God's wrath?”

I grew up in the 80s and if you are a child of the 80s like me you might have been taught certain things and you might have believed them to be fact via an authority figure. As you grow older and evolve, however, and as society grows and evolves in levels of awareness, things change and sometimes your view changes with it.

But sometimes it doesn’t, depending on what you allow into your mind. So much has changed and evolved and thankfully our society has also evolved and grown so much but in the same breath some of those older beliefs and programmes are buried deep and operate subconsciously and impact our perceptions and our behaviours and the results we get or don’t get in life.

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The environment you surround yourself in plays a major role in this as who we surround ourselves with and where we grow up impacts our perception of what reality is and creates a programme for you. We filter in and out tonnes of information each and everyday according to our higher values and belief systems. So yeah, it is kind of like one big computer game.

If the old computer and the game you are playing on doesn’t perform how you want it, you wouldn’t keep giving it one more chance. Would you? What would you do? I would hazard a guess that you more than likely would buy a new one with updated programming so it can get the job done easier and faster. The screen of your mind, like what you can see on the screen of a computer is your conscious awareness. What can you see?

The back of that computer that you can’t see is what’s in control. All the programming and hard wiring; the unconscious part of your mind. Anything you have not balanced in your perceptions is stored subconsciously, and it runs you instead of you running it. You can’t change what you see on the screen of your mind, until you really change the programming, update the hard wiring and create a new reality.

If you want a new reality you have to update your computer. If not, then its old, clunky programming will see you trying to live in a totally different reality performing slowly and getting results you don’t want, instead of the results you do.