Some of the myths about foot conditions - advice by Foyle Foot and Ankle Clinic

Since speaking to you last we have expanded and have three lovely new podiatrists in the clinic.

Shauna and Steph
Shauna and Steph

Sean (some of you may know him from the ICATs service in the Western trust), Ryan, one of Sean’s colleagues and hopeful for kickboxing world championships this year, and Brid, formally a nail technician at Heatwaves in a past life but has since qualified as a podiatrist and is now Derry’s nail guru.

Here are some myths that need busting.

All heel pain is plantar fascilitis

Did you know there are hundreds of reasons you may suffer from pain in your heels?

For more information on this you can visit our website and download our guides to heel pain!

Cutting a ‘V’ into your toenail will get rid of an ingrown toenail

Unfortunately there is no quick fix to get rid of a toenail, therefore cutting a ‘V’ shape into the nail wont work. An ingrown toenail is likely to lead to an infection so we would recommend you visit Foyle Foot & Ankle Clinic for a resolution.

Verrucas can be cut out

A verruca is a viral wart that is responsive to different treatments available from a podiatry clinic - or you might be advised to rub it on Father Hegarty’s rock although we can’t promise this will work!

All foot pain is arthritis

This one would take too many words to bust so for the answer to this one feel free to pop over to our website where you can have a look at our foot pain map and download our free e-book for more information!

Ingrown toenail surgery is extremely painful

We often tell patients surgical toenail removal is no more exciting or painful than a dental filling.

If you don’t believe us check out our instagram page where we regularly complete live surgeries.

Just recently we completed a double toenail surgery on Joe, the owner of Anita delivery, and you can view the complete procedure on Instagram!