Stephen Nolan has lost so much weight that he is now wearing women's clothes

BBC broadcaster, Stephen Nolan, has shed so much body weight that he has started wearing clothes designed for women.

A slimline Nolan shared a photograph of himself wearing what he describes as a "woman's jacket" while on holiday in the U.S.A.

"So does anybody know what the difference is between a woman’s jacket and a man’s?," Nolan Tweeted.

"This was in the woman’s section of HandM, but I liked it - so I’m wearing it. Who cares !? I don’t," he added.

Nolan, 45, has made headlines recently after he lost more than eight-and-a-half stone in eight months.

The BBC Radio Ulster and BBC 5 Live broadcaster is virtually unrecognisable so much so that some people have said he bears a striking resemblance to loyalist blogger, Jamie Bryson.

Stephen Nolan. (Photo: Stephen Nolan/Twitter)

Stephen Nolan. (Photo: Stephen Nolan/Twitter)

"Fair play to you, Stephen, you look fantastic," Tweeted one man.

"You look absolutely fine - for for it!," exclaimed one woman.

"Looks great on you, as long as you are happy that's all that matter mate," replied another.