Watch as Derry councillors and locals get ‘beaned’ for mental health

Three Derry councillors took part in ‘Spill the Beans’ on Saturday, where people got covered in beans to normalise talking about mental health.

The event was organised by Youth Action NI and took place in the Guildhall Square. Former Mayor Graham Warke, Alliance councillor Rachel Ferguson and People Before Profit Councillor Maeve O’Neill got ‘beaned’ after ‘spilling’ why they wanted to take part in the event and why it’s important to talk about your mental health.

Youth Leader with Youth Action NI and one of the event organisers Emma Johnston said: “In 2017, a group of young people came up with the idea of Spill the Beans. The message behind this event is ‘Don’t can it up, spill the beans about your mental health’ to someone who will listen or someone you can trust. But just as important as speaking out about your mental health, is also to be in a position to listen. We want each and every one of us to be here, to celebrate ourselves and to celebrate each other.”

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Cllr Rachel Ferguson said: I think speaking up about our mental health is something that is really, really important. It’s one of the reasons why I got into politics. This is an amazing event and I brought my children here today to Spill the Beans on me because I want them to see that it’s normal to talk about your mental health.”

Former Mayor Graham Warke getting beans thrown him during 'Spill the Beans for mental health'.

Cllr Graham Warke said: “This is all for a good cause and it’s bringing everybody together, especially our young people. I’m a youth worker as well as a councillor and I understand how important this is.”

Before getting dunked, Denise Doherty, from Youth Action NI said: “I think we need to realise that with mental health, there’s not just one fixed solution, it’s a journey. Within our life maps, we need to build mental resilience instead of finding a cure because the truth is, there is no cure. It’s about what can we do as individuals to support each other, change our lifestyles and build mental resilience.”

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Amy from Youth Action getting 'beaned'
Rachel Ferguson's children throwing beans on their mammy. Rachel said she wanted to have her children pour the beans on her so that they could see that talking about mental health is a normal thing to do.
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Graham Warke's son Ollie accidentally through the bucket as well as the beans on his daddy.
Alliance Councillor Rachel Ferguson, People Before Profit Councillor Maeve O'Neill and Independent Councillor Graham Warke with Mayor Sandra Duffy at Spill the Beans in the Guildhall Square.