Memorial stone for Derry civil war victims

Approval has been given for the installation of a memorial stone just outside the Walls on Bishop Street.

Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 9:01 am
Bishop Street Without.
Bishop Street Without.

Derry & Strabane Council was approached by a Heritage Group in the City seeking permission to instal the stone in memory of those killed in Derry’s Civil War which lasted from June 18 – 25, 1920.

Gun battles and sectarian killings were carried out on the streets of the city as the civil war raged on the streets.

Approval for the erection of the stone was granted by Derry and Strabane Council’s Business and Culture Committee subject to a number of provisions. The conditions include ensuring the accuracy of the information and in particular that the names and spelling were correct. 

Sinn Féin Councillor Conor Heaney declared an interest in this item stating ‘one of the people who will be remembered on that stone is a relative of mine.’

“Our party have tried to come at this particular centenary with a degree of sensitivity and whereas many of the people I and our party represent wouldn’t be overly interested in resourcing things to celebrate the marking of partition, I know there are other communities who would and we wouldn’t stand in the way of communities that do want to do that and that’s the approach we have taken.”

DUP Alderman Derek Hussey offered his support to the project.

“I have no problem supporting the memorial stone,” said the Derg Alderman. “It is commemorating fatalities across the community and across ages. I imagine the exact wording on the stone would be available  to Council before full approval will be given on that.”

By Gillian Anderson

Local Democracy Reporter