Q&A with Derry’s Storyteller of the Street : Declan Dillon

Local photographer Declan Dillon Captures striking portraits of people in and around town.

Friday, 22nd October 2021, 6:34 pm

Q. Could you introduce yourself please and give us a little bit of background?

My name is Declan, I’m a self taught photographer specialising in street photography.

Q. How did you get into photography?

I got a small camera to film my martial arts competition matches. One day I went a walk with the camera and started taking photos.

Q. Who are your influences in life?

Definitely my mum she taught how to be strong minded and not give up and how to be a cool person.

Q. What type of camera/lens do you use?

I use a Canon 1300d with 50mm lense and sometimes a Canon powershot fixed lense. The camera doesn’t really matter, much more your eye and the subject your photographing.

Q. What do you find most interesting about photographing people?

Finding out about people’s story, I’m very much a people person with a habit of talking loads.

Q. Why do you feel street photography is so important?

It documents life, like someday we’ll look back at wearing masks and think how mad was that.

Q. Have you got a plan for the photos you capture, like a journal or archive?

I’d definitely like to make a book. I think YouTube and filming the reactions to people getting there picture taken might be my next thing.

Q.What got you through Lockdown?

Declan Dillon.

Family and indulging in my love of red wine.

Q. Do you have a motto in life?

Those who do not believe will never find magic.

Portrait of a city.... Pictured are some of the striking portraits of local people Declan has captured with his camera while out and about in Derry. (Copyright: Declan Dillon)