Thousands gather for ‘Shutting of the Gates’ and burning of Colonel Robert Lundy

Thousands of Apprentice Boys gathered in Derry on Saturday for the annual ‘Shutting of the Gates’ celebrations and watched an effigy of Colonel Robert Lundy burn in Bishop Street.

Twenty-three bands and up to 2,500 Apprentice Boys took part while hundreds of supporters watched the event in the city centre on Saturday.

The celebrations take place on the first Saturday of December every year to mark the actions of the 13 original apprentices who slammed the gates of Derry in the face of King James II of England's men in December 1688.

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An effigy of the former governor of Derry, Colonel Robert Lundy, was, as is traditional, burned as ‘Lundy the traitor’ at the weekend.

An effigy of Robert Lundy in fire on the city centre.

His name has been synonymous with treachery within Ulster loyalism for over three hundred years due to his perceived willingness to surrender the city to Jacobite forces at the time of the siege of Derry.

Apprentice Boys gathered in the city centre for the Shutting of the Gates demonstration.
An effigy of Robert Lundy on fire in the city centre on Saturday.
Apprentice Boys and supporters in the city centre at the weekend.