A new home for around £21,000
A new home for around £21,000

In pictures - The times they are a changin’ - and so are the prices

From penny chews to the latest new homes, prices continue to soar as time goes on.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 6th May 2021, 12:11 pm

With businesses coming out of lockdown, and some of them offering some terrific bargains, we’ve been loooking through old newspapers to see what prices were like in times gone by.

While some prices haven’t changed that much, the real differences can be seen in property. Back in 1985 you could buy a new home for little over £20,000 and a new car for just over £2,600. Mind you, that was next to nothing compared to what Coleraine wanted Derry City to pay for footballer Felix Healy. You could have bought three top notch new homes or 30 new cars for the price wanted for just one Felix!

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