12-week transformation: Week four - Healthy treats, relaxation and listening to your body

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Well it’s finally February, after what seemed like the longest January on record.

I’m approaching the end of week four, and a third of the way through my transformation programme.

I woke up on Monday morning feeling as if everything was starting to fall into place with my diet and training.

My clothes fit better and I feel like my fitness levels have improved, so I decided to go for the dreaded check in.

I was a little deflated when there was only a slight change to my weight and measurements, but trainer Danny also took some progress photos for me.

Any time I have started any sort of fitness plan I take my own photos, and they never usually match up over the course of time. But this time Danny took the photos at the start of week one, so I had a proper starting off point.

The difference in the photographs with three weeks of diet and training (and a five day holiday in the middle) are really amazing.

I couldn’t believe how much my waist had changed in such a short space of time, especially since the scales and tape measure said very little.

It’s great to see such changes in my body, and it should really motivate me to work really hard this week, but to be honest, I’ve struggled this week.

Monday’s training was great, chest and biceps followed by the bootcamp session from hell which focused on legs.

I had a rough night’s sleep on Monday, and have felt rotten ever since.

Dizzy spells and a course of antibiotics mean I may have to put everything on hold for the rest of the week, but I think it’s important to actually listen to my body.

Somehow I have managed to stay on track diet wise, allowing myself the odd treat to try and make myself feel a little bit better.

I finally tracked down Halo Top ice cream on Saturday after hearing so many people ranting and raving about it on Instagram in recent weeks.

After checking the website, we set off on Saturday on a bit of a drive to try and get a tub.

I say a bit of a drive. We first went to Limavady, then Ballymena, only to find it was sold out in both stores.

We got back to Derry a bit deflated, only to find out it was on sale here the whole time.

For 320 calories a tub it was definitely worth the adventure. It’s a bit of a ‘clean’ treat.

Another adventure looms this weekend with a nice break to Sligo. A nice relaxing night away, a bit of relaxation and possibly a bit of shopping.

Hopefully I’ll be back to full health by Monday, and be ready to take on week five.

The first changes were made to my diet this week also, so be sure to keep an eye on my instagram @aine_od to see how I get on!