16 things we could do in Derry in the 1990s but can't do now

Derry in the 1990s was a very different place compared with the bustling tourist-friendly place we have today.

Thursday, 19th September 2019, 6:16 pm
Lumen Christi College, Derry.

Here are a selection of things you could do in Derry in the 1990s but can't do now.

I can still hear that siren - no Derry summer was complete in the 1990s without a visit to Lisnagelvin where the wave machine separated the brave from the not so brave.
You're showing your age if you remember the pet shop in off Shipquay Street beside Squires (now Sugar) nightclub. For a few years during the 1990s you could still buy fish, guinea pigs, birds and rabbits there.
Facebook and Twitter didn't even exist back in the 1990s so you didn't have to worry photos appearing from nowhere. Nowadays, you can't move for fear of someone sticking your bake up on social media.
Now Sugar, Squires was the place to be back in the 1990s and your night out was never complete until you nipped across the road after closing time for a burger and a bag of chips in Wheelers.
Fed thousands of revellers for many years but sadly no longer on Shipquay Street but do have a restaurant on the Strand Road opposite Sainsbury's.
When you think of this one you wonder how we survived without mobile phones. Oh, and you had to memorise the numbers too. The good old days.
Long since gone but back in the 1990s this green space was once a dirt bike track where children from all over Derry came with their trusty BMX bikes.
A magical school that many will remember well - St. Columb's College moved all operation to Buncrana Road and the Bishop Street site became Lumen Christi College in 1997.
I can still smell the scent of the dry ice they used to create the mist inside the battle zone in the Brunswick bowling alley in the 1990s - the place was mobbed during First Communion season.
Smoking in pubs and nightclubs became illegal in 2007 but back in the 1990s some boozers were reminiscent of a smog laden 19th century Victorian London.
Do you remember the distinctive sound the coins used to make. Immortalised in Channel 4 series 'Derry Girls' when Ma Mary talks about having a purse just for Punts i.e. a Punts purse.
In the 1990s you would have had to drive through the small village of Toomebridge on your way to Belfast or Derry. The Toome bypass was completed in 2004.
I haven't seen a proper old school a 10p mix in decades. Small white paper bag? Check? Ten penny sweets? Check. Happy Derry children? Check.
The prefix for Derry changed from 01 504 to 028 71 in 2000.
The 1990s were golden years for the Derry Journal and a Friday was not a proper Friday until you were sitting reading the broadsheet copy of Friday's Journal with your tea and a bap. Broadsheet format ceased in 2009.
If you grew up in Derry in the 1990s you'll remember just how amazing the food was in the Leprechaun on Strand Road. It has since moved to the Waterside.