A “meaty” weight loss challenge in Claudy

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Six brave butchers from Claudy are taking on a special challenge this January.

The butchers from O’Kane Meats of Claudy have joined their customers in a new healthy eating regime in a bid to become the ‘Biggest Loser’.

Owner Michael O’Kane said every new year customers try to adapt healthy eating habits and lose weight. This year however, O’Kane Meats has taken a different approach in supporting customers resolutions by starting their own Biggest Loser competition.

Michael O’Kane, Kieran O’Kane, Michael McGee, Conor Kerrigan, Rory O’Kane and Ciaran Brown all bravely jumped on the scales in the butchers on Monday for the first weigh in of the 10-week competition.

“We have digital scales for weighing meat, and the weigh in will be done every Monday morning. There’s no dodging it.

“We set ourselves this challenge and it started out more as fun, but it’s getting more serious now! The customers have a great interest in it,” he said.

O’Kane’s sell a portion controlled healthy eating pack, which includes three portions of 120g of turkey steak, chump steak and chicken fillets, as well as broccoli, sweet potato and green beans.