At the Movies - JUMP - review

Nichola Burley in 'JUMP'.
Nichola Burley in 'JUMP'.

Set in Derry on New Year’s Eve, ‘JUMP’ tells the story of what happens when a stranger save a gangland boss’ daughter from suicide on the Foyle Bridge.

Leeds-born actress Nichola Burley stars as Greta - a clearly down in the dumps girl who is intent on taking her own life.

Greta is saved by Pearse Kelly (Martin McCann) and the pair set out to take their revenge on Greta’s gangland boss of a father (Lalor Roddy) but things don’t go according to plan.

Kieron J. Walsh’s movie’s heart is in the right place but it abounds in cliché after cliché and at times it labours the point it’s trying to make about suicide and about instead having the courage to jump and change your life.

Nichola Burley’s accent isn’t up to scratch and can be distracting.

There are a lot of examples of style over substance and the film’s script is predictable and totally implausible.

Derry looks great though and the opening shot of the Foyle Bridge is a treat.

Verdict: 2/5 - It sometimes feels like a marathon episode of something like ‘Shameless’. It’s full of clichés and implausibility abounds. Derry looks great though.