Candelabra Cabaret comes to Sandinos next week

Next Thursday, February 1 will herald the coming of the Candelabra Cabaret, a long-overdue monthly celebration of this region's counter-culture and the world at large, combining vintage opulence with the song, words and performance of artists living and working among you, in Derry.

Monday, 29th January 2018, 10:52 am
Updated Monday, 29th January 2018, 11:52 am

Speaking about the inaugural show, which will be held in Sandinos, a spokesperson said: “Six pounds is a steal for the show we have in store for you.

“Upon venturing beyond the curtain, another world will be revealed, where art becomes life, and life becomes art; where dancers and singers mingle in the crowd with musicians and poets, before each takes their place onstage.”

Backed by house band The Diamond Cutters, singers Victoria Geelan, Comrade Hat and Jaime Nanci will beguile you with songs, original and forgotten.

Dancer Janie Doherty will showcase her intoxicating work, while poets Frank Rafferty, Mel Bradley and Andrew Galvin will bring their words to life before your very eyes.

“With a touch of burlesque and a healthy helping of laughter, our Master of Ceremonies Les Ismore shall preside over the evening’s proceedings. Yes, come to the cabaret. Definitely,” added the spokesperson.

Doors are at 8.00pm on February 1, and admission is £6. For more information visit or