Clooney Road does not qualify for resurfacing as threshold ‘has not been met’

Road testing data collected during a survey of the Clooney Road from City of Derry Airport to Campsie has indicated the thoroughfare does not qualify for resurfacing.

This is in spite of complaints that vehicles are being damaged as a result of the road surface.

Infrastructure Minister John O’Dowd explained how that section of the A2 Clooney Road forms part of the trunk road network and that resurfacing is ‘informed by analysis of data collected during our road testing programme’.

He was asked by DUP MLA Alan Robinson ‘when his Department will carry out repair and resurfacing work on the A2 from the City of Derry Airport to Campsey [sic] to prevent further vehicles being damaged as a result of the road surface?’

Road works on the old A2 Clooney Road back in 2008.

Mr. O’Dowd replied: “Analysis of the latest data indicates the threshold required for consideration of a resurfacing scheme has not yet been met, therefore my Department currently has no plans to carry out resurfacing works at this location.

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In his response the roads minister claimed that the DUP’s refusal to establish an Executive due to issues with the Brexit Protocol is hindering efforts to maintain the road network.

“The continued boycott of the Executive by the DUP means over £420m of funds being held at the centre cannot be released and I therefore cannot bid for additional in year funding.

“The blocking of the Executive also means a three year budget cannot be agreed which makes it extremely difficult for my Department to plan future investment in our roads network.

“My officials advise that a number of actionable defects have been identified at this location and that the necessary repairs will be carried out over the next few weeks,” he said.