‘Celtronic’ is simply top class...

Derrick carter will play a four hour set in Sandino's next Sunday at 8pm. Inset, left, Ame will take to the stage in St. Columb's Hall next Saturday night at 9.30pm.
Derrick carter will play a four hour set in Sandino's next Sunday at 8pm. Inset, left, Ame will take to the stage in St. Columb's Hall next Saturday night at 9.30pm.

One of Derry’s longest standing music festivals will celebrate its 15th anniversary next week.

‘Celtronic’ was founded in 2000 by a handful of electronic music fans from the city and since that time it has gone from strength to strength.

Gareth Stewart is one of the founders of the festival and he is hopeful that 2014 could be the best ‘Celtronic’ the city has ever seen.

“Throughout the years we have maintained the same ethos and here we are now in 2014 and ‘Celtronic’ is still a non-profit making music festival, the ticket prices are still kept as low as possible and the biggest names in electronic music continue to play at the festival in relatively small spaces alongside the best local talent.

“For example, Ben UFO plays at the opening night in Sandinos next Wednesday night for 300 people. Last weekend, he played the mainstage at Parklife festival in front of 30,000 people.”

Gareth has helped to attract some of the biggest names in electronic music to Derry for years and he explained why he thinks ‘Celtronic’ stands out as one of the city’s most exciting events.

Ame'Berlin M�rz 2012

Ame'Berlin M�rz 2012

“As always ‘Celtronic’ will showcase some of the biggest names from all areas of electronic music alongside the best local talent at some of Derry’s finest venues.

“Live performance from some of the key acts in modern dance music is a major element of this year’s programme. Techno fans will be salivating at the prospect of Karenn, the live collaborative project from UK producers Blawan and Pariah, playing in the North for the first time while one of today’s most innovative electronic musicians, Max Cooper, whose ‘Human’ album has been tipped to be one of the albums of the year will also bring his acclaimed live show to the festival.

“Mainland Europe is well represented at Celtronic 2014. Following superb recent performances at Bugged Out Weekender and Snowbombing, Kolsch has set himself up to become one of 2014’s most exciting artists.”

Gareth added: “Fittingly described as romantic techno, Kölsch’s melodic anthems have gained a vast amount of support from the world’s leading talent.



“Completing the live lineup at Celtronic 2014 are German/Dutch trio Move D, Juju and Jordash, who will bring their Magic Mountain Hight project to the festival for a special session of live improvised house music.

Some of the finest DJs in the world will appear at this year’s festival. Hessle Audio co-founders BEN UFO and PEARSON SOUND, two names synonymous with cutting edge UK dancefloor music will open the festival with a five hour set.”

Gareth went on to explain that despite the fact many thought the interest in electronic music in the early nineties a ‘fad’ he said the local scene has always remained strong.

“Many thought in the early 1990s that dance music was a fad that would pass. But here we are 25 years later and the electronic music scene in Derry and Ireland continues to innovate and grow with new DJs, producers and club nights coming through all the time. “Sometimes, electronic music does not get the respect it deserves but no-one can doubt that it is the area of music in the city with the most events on a weekly basis where music fans are paying entry fees/buying tickets.”

‘Celtronic’ is not only one of Derry’s most impressive music festivals but it is the longest running electronic dance festival in the whole island of Ireland and has attracted such household electronic music names as Francois Kervorkian and Carl Craig to the city.

Gareth is confident that ‘Celtronic’ will continue to grow and over the next few years will be come even more successful.

“We want the festival to continue for many years to come and continue to attract the calibre of acts that will excite music fans locally and nationally and inspire local producers and musicians to become globally recognised musicians themselves,” he said.

For more details on ‘Celtronic’ 2014 visit http://www.celtronicfestival.com/ or for updates check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/celtronicfestival.derry or follow them on Twitter: @Celtronic