This is how much the average UK household spends on Christmas dinner

12 Days of Christmas competition

To celebrate the countdown to Christmas we have launched a special festive competition to help you have a happy New Year.

Five winners of our 12 Days of Christmas winter word search will receive an engraved, hand-crafted Bailey bracelet worth £230 and a Cockburn’s Port ‘big night in’ hamper.

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All you have to do is find the letter included in the special 12 Days of Christmas content running each day in the Christmas sections of our top JPIMedia websites from December 13-24 and put them together to find a suitable word for this special time of year.

Although we know the 12 Days don’t begin until December 25 we were so excited that we thought we would start the celebrations early.

Christmas dinner is at the heart of all festive celebrations and sees families come together to tuck into a hearty spread - usually of turkey and all the trimmings.

But, after a difficult year, festive celebrations are likely to be a little thrifier this Christmas, with UK residents expected to cut spending to less than £20 per head for dinner.

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Cutting costs

Half of us are expected to limit our spending between £5 and £20 per head when it comes to Christmas dinner this year, including alcoholic drinks, according to research by MoneySuperMarket.

One in 10 (eight per cent) expect a much larger outlay this festive season, of between £70 to £100 per head - an amount which rivals prices in some Michelin-starred restaurants.

However, a small minority anticipate spending even more than this, up to the value of £200 or more per person.

Here is a breakdown of how much UK residents expect to splash out on Christmas dinner this year:

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  • £5 to £20 per head - 50%
  • £20 to £60 per head - 30%
  • £70 to £100 per head - 8%
  • £100 to £200 per head - 3%
  • £200 and over per head - 4%
  • Unsure - 5%

How to save money

The cut back on spending over the festive season is reflective of a tough year financially for many people as a result of the ongoing pandemic, which has led to job losses and reduced pay for thousands.

However, it is possible to put together a wonderful Christmas spread without spending hundreds, thanks to a few simple cost saving tips.

Sally Francis-Miles, money spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, said, “Many have saved hundreds of pounds working from home in secure jobs while others are facing a tough festive season due to the impact of Covid, meaning paying for a dinner and presents will be a struggle.

“If that’s you, while tradition is wonderful to keep, there’s no harm in cutting some things to save costs. Consider if you need all the trimmings, or could you make do without all the extras that tend to be pushed on us at Christmas time.

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“Instead of buying a whole turkey, consider a crown (especially if it’s more than enough to feed your family anyway), consider shopping at cheaper supermarkets too, and avoid pre-made food. It is often far dearer than making it from scratch, even if it is the easier option for a dinner that isn’t easy to get right timings-wise.”

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