Coming Home for Christmas - Shannon McDermott and Amy Donaghey - Leuven, Belgium

Shannon McDermott (left) and Amy Donaghey.
Shannon McDermott (left) and Amy Donaghey.

Limavady woman, Shannon McDermott and her friend Amy Donaghey from Derry left for Leuven, Belgium in June and have now returned home for Christmas.

Q - When and why did you leave Derry and how long has it been since you were home?

Shannon - Amy and I left Derry in June as there was an opportunity to work abroad. There were only five students selected out from Northern Ireland for an internship to work at the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe in Belgium. We haven’t been home since June.

Q - How different is Christmas in Belgium to Christmas in Derry?

Shannon - Christmas in Belgium is completely different as they celebrate Christmas at the beginning of December. There is also not much excitement or anticipation unlike at home. We put more of an emphasis on the celebration of Christmas and the importance of friends and family. We are currently living in Leuven which is just outside Brussels.

Q - What are you looking forward to the most when you come home?

Shannon - We are looking forward to see all our family and friends. And also to get some Irish food. We will spend Christmas with our families, We will be staying in Derry until May and we are planning to go inter-railing after that.