Derry author set to the take the e-world by storm

Rose McClelland
Rose McClelland

When Derry woman Rose McClelland found herself stuck in a rut, she formulated a ten point plan to reinvent herself.

That plan - and a chance conversation with her sister - formed the basis for her debut novel ‘The Break Up Test’ which will be published today.

“Basically I going through a rough patch and was fed up with being fed up so I made myself a list of ten things I was going to do to make myself happier,” the Kilfennan born woman said. “I was on the phone to my sister and was telling her about it and she said: ‘The sounds like a great idea for a book’ - I agreed and started writing it the next day.”

The book, which Rose says is aimed firmly at the hugely popular women’s fiction market, tells the story of three women each in a difficult relationship. Things start to change when their male friend from university, Jamie, offers them the chance to take the 10 point Break Up Test to determine whether or not their relationships are worth saving.

“Really it’s about taking a negative situation and making it a positive,” Rose said - adding that her own ten point plan succeeded in giving her a bit of “get up and go” when she was going through a rough time.

Rose hopes her readers will find the book ‘inspirational and funny’ saying that it is brutally honest and cringe worthy in places. “But cringeworthy, in a funny way, I hope,” she laughed.

The former Foyle and Londonderry College pupil, who now lives and works in Belfast, says she has been writing “on and off” all her life - but decided six years ago to “start to take things seriously”.

She penned a novel which received some interest from agents, who advised her to try to write something with a more commercial feel - so she wrote ‘The Break Up Test’ - which saw her snapped up by Ger Nichol of The Book Bureau in Dublin.

However as the elusive traditional publishing deal continued to elude Rose - due to a downturn in the market - she decided to take a novel approach to fulfilling her publishing dream and decided to approach E-publishing house Crooked Cat.

Recognising her fresh and funny voice, they snapped Rose up and just months later her book is about to be launched on Amazon and throughout the internet.

“The growth of Kindle and Ebooks is phenomenal,” Rose said, “So it was worth giving it a chance to get the book out there and read - which is what every author wants.”

Priced at just £2.77 - around the same price as a cup of coffee - ‘The Break Up Test’ will be available from Good Friday.

Now firmly under the influence of the writing bug, Rose has already completed her next novel ‘How To Look Like You’ and she hopes her readers will be keen to see just where she goes next.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to have a book out there - it is something I have wanted for years. Let’s just hope people like it.”