Derry dog Gatsby aims to become the ‘Nose of Tralee’

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The owner of a local golden doodle is hoping he becomes the latest ‘Nose of Tralee’ winner.

Hannah Murray entered seven-month-old Gatsby into the Pet Sitters Ireland competition, which sets out to find the four legged equivalent of the famous Rose of Tralee.

Gatsby is up against stiff competition from the 31 other county finalists, and Hannah said: “My husband and I got married in February, and decided to get a puppy in March.

“We got him when he was eight weeks old. He’s seven months old and he’s the centre of our world. He’s a golden doodle, a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. He’s very big already but he’s going to grow to be about twice the size he is now! He is a big puppy.”

Hannah initially read a post on Instagram about the competition, and thought it was “such a novelty”.

“We have so many photos of Gatsby so I thought we may as well enter him in the competition and try. For our final photo we thought we should put a lot of effort in, so we thought about the Derry Girls mural.

“We took him up and it took about half an hour to get the one photograph, with loads of treats behind the camera!

“Because people saw the sash, lots of people came up to look at him and he got loads of attention,” added Hannah.

The winner of the Nose of Tralee will get the coveted Title Of Nose of Tralee 2019, a €200 Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Voucher, a €500 Tesco Voucher, a photoshoot, €150 euro online voucher for Pet Connection Pet Store and also a Furbo Pet Camera.

Gatsby’s entry states: “Phil Coulter, Seamus Heaney and Lisa McGee, when it comes to legends there are more than just three. He’s fluffy, he’s kind, he’s everyone’s mate. Gatsby the legend, Gatsby the Great. Humble, unassuming and even quite coy, there’s no one quite like him, our Derry boy.”

Voting is now open via