Django Django’s Vincent can’t wait for homecoming concert

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Christmas is coming early for Derry man and ‘Django Django’ singer, Vincent Neff.

Vincent, 36, is originally from Templegrove, and will receive his early Yuletide gift when ‘Django Django’ take to the stage in the Nerve Centre next Wednesday, December 2.

“It’s been more than three years since we last played Derry - I am looking forward to coming home,” said Vincent.

‘Django Django’ have been together since 2009 and over the past six years have played Glastonbury twice and their self-titled debut album was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize in 2012.

“My family is like most Derry families in the sense that we are close and I have plenty of aunties, uncles and cousins,” said Vincent.

“When we played Derry in 2012 a lot of my family, including most of my aunties, came to the gig - I don’t think the other guys in the band were quite ready for the serious level of auntie action going on at the front of the stage,” he laughed.

Vincent and the rest of the band have been busy touring all over Europe and the USA since February and in May of this year they released their second studio album, ‘Born Under Saturn’.

“The people coming to our shows seem to really like the new material,” said Vincent.

“We put a lot into our live gigs and we like nothing more than to engage with the audience - it can be tiring but the feeling you experience after a good live show is amazing.”

Vincent, who turned his back on a career in architecture to pursue his dream of making music, became a father for the first time earlier this year when his girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl.

It goes without saying that Vincent misses his girlfriend and baby daughter when he is on tour but he insisted the perfect tonic for longing after his young family is to perform live.

“Live music is what we are all about. Yeah, sure it can be tough on the road and of course I miss my family but performing live with the rest of the band is amazing - it’s something I really enjoy.

“Life on the road is obviously nomadic but it’s an enjoyable experience. A typical day could be something like rocking up into a city like Philadelphia at 10am. You might have enough time to go and visit a museum or grab something to eat. After that you’ll usually do a sound check and then you’re on stage before you know it.”

While the opportunity to play music and travel all over Europe and the USA is not to be sniffed at, Vincent says the life of an on the road musician is not all rock ‘n’ roll.

“One thing I’ve noticed whilst on tour is that I have almost developed a sixth sense for where the laundrettes are. If I don’t have clean clothes, the front end of the tour bus starts to develop an unpleasant smell,” he joked.

Tickets for ‘Django Django’ at the Nerve Centre cost £16.50 (excluding booking fee) and are available at