Extra Derry show for ‘Give My Head Peace’

Having sold out two shows in the Millennium Forum in February, the ‘Give My Head Peace’ crew are set for a triumphant return later on this month to wrap up their nationwide tour.

Monday, 25th March 2019, 3:05 pm
Updated Monday, 25th March 2019, 4:06 pm

Tim McGarry has praised Derry audiences ahead of the third and final show on March 30, claiming they’re even better than those in Belfast!

“We’re delighted to be coming back to Derry.

“We had two sell out shows at the Millennium in February and the audiences were magnificent.

“It pains me to say this as a Belfast man, but I have to confess, Derry audiences are the best,” he claimed.

The ‘Give My Head Peace’ cast returned earlier this year with a brand new stage show.

“The big news this year is that uncle Andy isn’t going to be with us, we’re saying that he’s taken to his bed for a year to get a PIP claim because the DLA are after him!

“We’ve replaced him with his mate Big Mervyn. So we have him, Pastor Begley, Ma, Cal, Da, Billy, and Dympna and all that.

Tim explained that even after years of performing on stage and on screen, ‘Give My Head Peace’ still pulls in a crowd of all ages.

“Give My Head Peace is just funny, stupid, larger than life. It’s a bit of slapstick, there’s ­­­­­stupid jokes, but there’s political satire as well.

“We will be covering the events of the day in a way that other people can’t, because we’ve got larger than life characters. You’re guaranteed a good night of laughs. I’ll be doing a bit of stand up, there will be stupid sketches, a couple of songs, and we’ll have a ball, because Derry audiences are just great, we love playing the Millennium Forum,” he said.

Tickets are now available from the Box Office.