UK parents reveal that bedtime is their favourite time of day with their children

Being a parent these days can be difficult, finding precious time to spend with children becoming increasingly important.

Around 40 per cent of parents say it’s due to having one-to-one time before children's bedtime that makes it special (photo: Adobe)
Around 40 per cent of parents say it’s due to having one-to-one time before children's bedtime that makes it special (photo: Adobe)

Any chance to spend quality time with children during the day is special but, according to new research, bedtime has been voted one of the most magical times of a parent’s day.

A survey of 1,000 UK parents of children under 16, commissioned by a leading linen company, revealed that nearly one in three (29 per cent) parents say bedtime is their favourite time of the day with their children.

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These findings potentially reflect when we feel closest to our family members.

Nearly one in three (29 per cent) of parents say bedtime is their favourite time of the day with their children (photo: Adobe)

When asked what makes bedtime so special for parents, 40 per cent say it is due to having one to one time before children go to bed while cuddling up in bed together is a top highlight for more than one in four (26 per cent).

For 25 per cent of parents, having the chance to spend time with their children without any external distractions makes bedtime a magical part of the day.

Nearly one in five (18 per cent) meanwhile enjoy screen-free time and a chance to forget phones and tablets exist.

To help their children wind down for bed 45 per cent of parents will even prevent their kids from using electronic devices in the hour before bed.

Parents find spending time with their children at bedtime is most precious to them (photo: Adobe)

More than half (51 per cent) make sure bedtime is a sugar-free zone by not allowing them to eat sweets or have fizzy drinks.

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Having to adapt to the modern age of tech, it’s not just TV (38 per cent) that parents don’t allow before bed either.

And 31 per cent say they prevent their children from going on social media too, including main culprits TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat.

When asked what they feel the issues are when it comes to kids using electronic devices before bed, a staggering 68 per cent say their child will struggle to switch off and have an overactive brain.

And some 41 per cent say such blue lights can affect their children’s body clock.

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For nearly one in three (30 per cent) parents it’s as simple as tech affecting quality time they get to spend with their children.

This results in them abandoning electrical devices before bed to ensure their sleep doesn’t suffer.

The research further revealed what parents felt were their fondest bedtime memories from their own childhood, with nearly one in three saying goodnight kisses and cuddles were a highlight, showing how much people of all ages appreciate quality time with their loved ones.

Looking at the return of traditional bedtimes, another top highlight for parents was reading stories and sharing family-favourite books together (29 per cent) while 22 per cent of parents take this one step further by making up their own magical stories.

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The Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton said "As a mother of two, I couldn’t agree more that bedtime is a special time of day. Getting to have a little one to one time with each child is precious as well as being a moment for connection.

"I love Happy Linen Company’s bedding range because the designs offer factually correct topics and themes to spark the imagination and conversations or stories between parent and child.”

Happy Linen Company Head of Product Lucy Knight said: “While bedtime can come with certain stresses, it’s clear that spending quality time with family can outweigh any negatives.

"Parents across the nation vote it as one of their favourite times of the day," added Lucy.