Infidelity site says Derry members on the rise

A website that facilitates extra martial affairs says it now has more than 1200 members in Derry - and it says hundreds of couples here are only staying together because they can’t afford to split.

Rosie Freeman-Jones of says the site has seen a 20% increase in the number of Derry people joining since the recession started, bringing the total number of local members to just over 1260.

And she says a recent survey has showed that over 505 married couples in Derry would like to get a divorce but simply can’t afford to because of the recession.

“There are a large number of our members who would like to divorce their other half but just can’t raise the funds to do so, We’ve seen a dramatic rise in membership in Derry to our site over the last year as the recession has forced people to stay in marriages they would rather get out of.”

Statistics gathered by the site show that 38% of members in Derry felt the stress of relocating in the current climate had effected their decision to stay married to their partner, while 42% were put off by the cost of the divorce itself.

The Illicit Encounters Marriage survey found that finance was now the biggest cause of arguments between married couples – 30% of spouses said that money worries are the biggest problem in their relationship.