FASHION - Say a prayer and send your photos to Andrew

Derry born fashion designer, Andrew McAllister.
Derry born fashion designer, Andrew McAllister.

A Derry born fashion designer has teamed up with a local hair and beauty salon to search out a face to head up his clothing line, Pray For Paris.

Andrew McAllister, (22) from Prehen started Pray for Paris last year and within the first 12 months his revenue was close to £500,000.



The former Ebrington Primary School student completed a degree in Fashion Retail Management in England last year and his thesis, Pray For Paris, turned out to be a viable business.

Andrew returned to Derry recently where he is working with RoCo hair and beauty salon on the Strand Road to find a person who could model his latest collection of clothes.

“Business has been going really well and I am delighted to be back in Derry and working with RoCo,” said Andrew.

“The competition is open to everyone of all ages. All they need to do is send me an email and attach a picture of their face to the message and we will get back to them.”

Andrew’s Pray for Paris label is one of the most prestigious around and he has turned down deals with some of biggest names on the high street in order to develop the business by himself.

“We only ever make 100 of any given t-shirt or garment,” said Andrew. “So if you’re wearing Pray for Paris there’s a good chance you won’t ever see anyone else wearing the same piece of clothing.”

He added: “Our biggest markets are in Denmark, the Netherlands, the USA and the UK.”

Ronan Stewart of RoCo said the salon was thrilled to be working with Andrew McAllister and encouraged locals to enter the competition.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Pray For Paris to launch this worldwide competition, at RoCo we only use local models so it would be great to see entries from here and hopefully launch someone’s modelling career, this one isn’t just for girls, we want to encourage guys to enter also,” said Ronan.

If you would like to enter the competition send an email to