Galliagh Women's Group launch '˜Women's Lives - Sliding doors'

Galliagh Women's Group is once again offering a taster course in writing for local women.

Friday, 11th January 2019, 8:43 am
Updated Friday, 11th January 2019, 9:48 am
(Photo: Jim McCafferty Photography)

The five-week course is entitled ‘Women’s Lives – Sliding Doors’ Taster Session’ and will kick off on Thursday, January 24.

After the success of last year’s ‘Writers Course’, Pat McArt will facilitate this taster session that’s aimed at local women wanting to increase their confidence through putting down on paper their feelings and their dreams, as well as giving their opinions on everything that goes on in the world around them.

Looking forward to facilitating the 2019 course, he said: “Over my life I have met so many women who had big plans but something always got in the way.

“I’m hoping the programme will give these women, young and old, the chance to write ‘a letter to my young self’, what I dreamed of, ‘it’s never too late to change, or my favourite book/film/poem/play/television show.”

Galliagh Women’s Group, Co-Ordinator, Rosie Doherty added: “We hope this will only be a sort of ‘ground floor’ leading to a bigger project about the lives of women in Galliagh and across the city.

“With other funding we hope to build on these taster sessions with another bigger programme allowing the women of Galliagh and the city express their creative side through expressing themselves better in issues such as lack of opportunities in education; the need to enrich the cultural landscape; changing the dynamics of people’s lives to bring about change.

“Basically, empowering women to express themselves in more dynamic and articulate ways.’

The course will start on Thursday, January 24 from 63 Galliagh Park (Placed Limited to 12). For further information and to book place on the course, contact Galliagh Women’s Group on 02871 356092.