Give My Head Peace crew “love coming to Derry”

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The Give My Head Peace crew are set to return to the Millennium Forum this February for two performances of their brand new stage show.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ ahead of the run of shows across the country, Tim McGarry, also known as ‘Da’ said the cast “love coming to Derry”.

“We’re delighted to be coming back to Derry, because as you know, Derry is the centre of the universe. There was the big vote in Parliament, with 500 million people in Europe awaiting the outcome, and what are they discussing? How to get stuff from Derry to Muff. It’s the crux of the Brexit debate,” said Tim.

All of the familiar faces will all be on this tour, apart from Uncle Andy. “The big news this year is that uncle Andy isn’t going to be with us, we’re saying that he’s taken to his bed for a year to get a PIP claim because the DLA are after him. We’ve replaced him with his mate Big Mervyn. So we have him, Pastor Begley, Ma, Cal, Da, Billy, and Dympna and all that. We haven’t written a word of the show yet. We write a new show every year so it will be bang up to date. It will cover Brexit, RHI, and whatever the enquiry comes out with and all the stuff at Stormont that isn’t happening, it’ll cover everything,” he said.

Tim explained that even after years of performing on stage and on screen, Give My Head Peace still pulls in a crowd of all ages. “Give My Head Peace is just funny, stupid, larger than life. It’s a bit of slapstick, there’s ­­­­­stupid jokes, but there’s political satire as well. We will be covering the events of the day in a way that other people can’t, because we’ve got larger than life characters. You’re guaranteed a good night of laughs. I’ll be doing a bit of stand up, there will be stupid sketches, a couple of songs, and we’ll have a ball, because Derry audiences are just great, we love playing the Millennium Forum,” he said.

The funnyman added that even though there hasn’t been a functioning Assembly in the North for over two years, the gang still have material to work with. “It’s the gift that keeps on giving, there are no politicians doing anything and we still have material,” he added. Give My Head Peace runs on Sunday, February 24 and Wednesday, February 27.